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Over the past few years, we have observed that the adoption of Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) has been increasing for healthcare and life-sciences (HLS) marketers large and small.

Why? Because what it does well, it does very well – and what it does well is in many cases uniquely suited, and especially important, for HLS marketers.

Choosing a platform to help you manage your marketing can feel overwhelming. You’ll need a tool that can active your brand plans across multiple channels, provide timely and personalized communications, manage your data, maintain audience separation, integrate with your existing technology, provide insights in real time, keep you safe and compliant with all of the regulations and policies you need to follow, and both fit your business needs today as well as grow with you into the future. It’s a daunting shopping list.

With that mind, let’s take a look at how SFMC might check the boxes on that shopping list.

  • ORCHESTRATED MULTICHANNEL JOURNEYS. These are an expectation of subscribers in the digital world today: fewer, more relevant touchpoints, on the channel, and at the time of your subscriber’s choice. Within the SFMC, Journey Builder is the engine that coordinates these communications using audience segmentation and behavioral data to serve up highly personalized communications.
  • DATA MANAGEMENT. SFMC has a highly configurable relational data construct that allows for separation of subscriber data at multiple levels as needed by the business. For most HLS marketers, instances this will be at the therapeutic area, brand, and audience level. Whether you have one brand, or 50, all can be managed within the SFMC.
  • INTEGRATION. You need technology that will enable enterprise-wide collaboration. Simply put: you need technology that lets you spend your time implementing brand strategy, instead of working to make systems connect and activate. Salesforce is aware of the need for cross-platform data exchange and interaction forms to drive world-class customer service and marketing and have cultivated a suite of products that connect to other platforms with ease. Pre-built connectors, file exchange and API connectors are available to make data-driven marketing possible.
  • INSIGHTS. Knowing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts is key. Understanding what is working well and what needs attention can be accessed through a variety of SFMC tools:
    • Reporting – scores of stock reports provide insight to the performance of your marketing efforts.
    • Discovery reports – a configurable drag-and-drop report builder lets you customize reports to your needs.
    • Journey goals and tracking – the ability to set and track goals within Journeys lets you understand where your subscribers are and what they are doing on their pathway.
  • SECURITY. Keeping data safe is paramount. SFMC provides numerous features to ensure your data is secure:
    • Salesforce Trust – a company-wide commitment to data privacy, security and transparency. This sets the foundation for enhanced security features across all Salesforce products, including SFMC.
    • Data Encryption – tools that can be applied to your specific data needs. Both data at rest (via TDE) and field-level encryption tools are available within SFMC.
    • Tokenized Sending – In instances where data may be too sensitive to maintain, Tokenized Sending can be leveraged. This allows sensitive data to be maintained in systems external to SFMC while still allowing contacts to take part in journeys, events and activities.
    • Access Security – multiple levels of User access security ensure that only authorized users can access the platform, and only have access to the areas required to perform their specific job functions.
  • GROWTH. SFMC has been deployed to HLS companies of all sizes, from one brand to 50+, from email to multi-channel. Scalability is achieved in two main areas: capacity and feature addition.
    • Capacity covers areas such as contact count and multi-brand support. SFMC can support operations on multi-millions of contact records, and the addition of new brands or audiences where data separation is required can be handled on the fly with the addition of business units.
    • Feature addition activates portions of SFMC with the ability to message your subscribers on new channels such as SMS or mobile notifications, or snap-in integrations with audience management tools like Audience Studio or insight tools like Datorama.

Each company’s level of size, sophistication, and modern-marketing maturity varies. Make the right decision for you by having the right discussion – getting the right expert help, taking the time to consider the right issues, and doing what’s right for you.

We’re often asked to compare SFMC with other products, including standalone marketing tools like Mailchimp, midlevel marketing platforms such as Marketo/Pardot, and enterprise-level marketing platforms such as Adobe Marketing Cloud or Oracle Marketing Cloud. SFMC is often the solution of choice for HLS marketers, because its design and its robust capabilities make it extremely well suited for HLS.

Every business has different needs, so choosing the tool that fits you is important. We encourage all marketers to have expert assistance in making your selection.

No matter where you are on the maturity arc, it’s likely that the larger Salesforce infrastructure can boost your marketing. But we encourage all HLS marketers to take the time to gauge where they are in terms of modern marketing maturity. To gauge your company’s savvy and see ideas for embracing more possibilities, check out Modern Marketing Maturity Assessment at https://www.modernmarketingvisionary.com/.