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If you’re a pharma/ healthcare / life-sciences marketer who uses Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC), you probably have your own story of how it’s been able to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing efforts. However, there are a number of features that can increase the sophistication of your marketing efforts, and which are easily integrated – but which we find are often unknown or underutilized.

Marketing Cloud Einstein is the SFMC AI toolset whose features offer you deeper insight into your audiences and provide additional personalization for them. Here are two of those features:

  • Send Time Optimization. Many factors influence the performance of your emails, such as personalization, content, or subject line, but another important factor is the time of delivery. Einstein’s Send Time Optimization automatically determines the best email send time at the contact level for your marketing messages associated with a user journey. Looking back 90 days, analytics are applied to user engagement behavior data to find the perfect time to deliver your message.
  • Message Insights. Going beyond on-demand or scheduled reports, Message Insights gives a window into the performance of your batch sends or journey sends and highlights any anomalies. Using up 90 days of performance metrics, KPIs like open rate, click rate, unsubscribe rate, and others populate the Batch and Journey Dashboards.

In the past, reliable collection of data from an email was nearly impossible, especially in a business environment. Now, Interactive Content Blocks allows you to do just that. Subscribed recipients can provide feedback, take surveys or complete forms without needing to browse to a web page from your email. Forms, surveys, ratings and feedback can all be collected from the email directly and returned to the SFMC for use in determining downstream content.

Connecting the SFMC to your HCP and patient communities, and sales-rep tools that are built on Salesforce CRM platforms such as Community Cloud or Veeva CRM, gives you the ability to quarterback journeys and activities across platforms.

Marketing Cloud Connect adds features to the Marketing Cloud Journey Builder and within the connected CRM platform, which allow for the creation of workflows that result in increased services to your HCP and patient audiences, while reducing the overhead to your sales and patient-support reps.

For instance, HCP activities such as email engagement or website actives can be collected and brought to the attention of their sales rep within Veeva CRM. Or, in the patient support space, information gathered during community visits or call-center calls can be acted on automatically by the SFMC, or support reps can activate an email through the Service Cloud to the patient or caregiver.

SFMC offers robust data connectivity tools. One that is sometimes overlooked is the API. Using the SFMC API, you can garner insight to user behaviors and initiate personalized messaging on the fly.

  • Behavioral Data. In modern marketing, user journeys incorporate multiple pathways to the end goal. Choosing the best pathway for a user requires responsiveness to behavioral input. Access to user activities on your website and partner websites provide you with the ability to change cadence, content and position of a user within a journey. Using the SFMC API, you can gather this behavioral information in real time, respond accordingly, and meet the expectations of your subscribers.

SFMC offers partner service-level integrations that add functionality and insight to your marketing plans.

  • Return Path. Successfully delivering your messages is critical. Maintaining your sending reputation is vital to your marketing success, and restoring a poor score is costly and time-consuming. Return Path provides visibility to your domain reputation, deliverability, rendering tests, and subscriber email interactions, all from within the SFMC.
  • Google Analytics 360. Having insight to the performance of your user journeys beyond the message is possible through the integration of Google Analytics 360 with the SFMC. Looking past open and click, you gain access to user activities on your website to determine conversion rates. This data is presented within the SFMC within journey reporting and can be leveraged to modify your journeys and website for maximum productivity.

Whether in our finances – or in our marketing – we all always hope to maximize the return on our investments. Investigating lesser-known functions of SFMC can help make the difference between satisfactory and stellar performance. No two brands are the same, and so are your priorities – and, therefore, the features you need to focus on. Awareness of the tools available to you helps you act with more sophistication.

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