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Computer code and glasses


We were approached by a client with a challenge we’d seen before: a robust and active SFMC instance with thousands of data points but no documentation history. The client team was newly responsible for email marketing, so they couldn’t fully speak to the legacy of what the system or their predecessors had set up.

What that meant was:

  • There was no easy way to tell where all the data was coming from and why
  • There was low confidence that all the triggers, journeys and automations were set up and supporting current marketing strategies and objectives
  • There was concern about keeping personally identifiable information (PII) protected and who had access to that information

A “dumpster dive” to find the thousands of components that store, move, and transform data within the platform would take weeks, multiple resources, and create an elevated risk of missing critical information due to the manual process.

In all, we did end up spending three weeks auditing the client’s system but after that time, we still had little confidence that we’d uncovered everything we needed to know about the data coming in.


Time was of the essence and we knew there had to be a better way to help our client. Using our technical expertise, we created a program (which we now call Intouch B2D Spyglass) to run through all the data.

Within five hours, Spyglass had audited the entirety of our client’s SFMC data. What we found was astounding.


We discovered our original, manual audit only found 30% of what was in the system. When we ran Spyglass, we gained:

  • Clarity. Spyglass revealed the complete picture: we uncovered over 500 data automations in the system, interacting with over 800 data extensions. These were built by a 3rd party over the course of three years.
  • Savings. Created $50,000 in annual savings by cleaning up and removing the redundancy of data. There was also a substantial time savings.
  • Security. Removed users who had access to PII, including employees who were no longer with the company and third party contractors and consultants.
  • ROI: Visibility allowed marketing to check the effectiveness of their campaigns against their overall strategy, backing up ROI with complete data.

Can Spyglass help you? We think it can! To prove it, we are offering you a complimentary audit and report so you can gauge the health of your data and campaigns. Reach out to us below and we can walk you through how it can work for your business.