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Effective modern marketing uses data and technology to make the customer experience better than ever: that’s always been an important goal. But with COVID-19 moving a slowly evolving industry into new paradigms overnight, it’s no longer a nice-to-have: efficiency and rapidity is key to survival. Strategically prioritized initiatives can bring those changes to bear, and keep you moving forward, not losing ground.


Successful marketing organizations comprise complementary teams working together on cohesive customer journeys. This requires:

  • Covering more channels and self-service options
  • Producing content and assets more efficiently and productively
  • Addressing higher and more complex customer-experience expectations
  • Supporting remote collaboration while continuing to be effective

Simply put? The changes propelled by COVID-19 require modern marketing.


  1. The MLR process. This can be a slow and resource-intensive slog that stalls or undermines marketing strategies. Modular content can even be impossible to approve. And some marketing organizations have been unwilling to ask their MLR to understand how technology can help them make better compliance decisions.
  2. Content and first-party data. These drive audience identification in modern marketing, but the modernization of authoring capabilities and efficiency has often been postponed.
  3. Technology solutions. Tech stacks have often been implemented without being considered in total, and in terms of the total customer experiences that they can support.


While outside forces push transformation forward, you can move ahead with intention to ensure that your actions have the greatest possible impact:

  1. Assess the readiness of your organization. Consider the technologies already in place, and the ways that they’re being put to the strategic use of supporting brand customer experiences, in order to see where improvements should be made first. Contact us below to use our simple Modern Marketing Readiness Assessment.
  2. Improve workflow collaboration. Virtual is no longer a nice-to-have: it’s a necessity of life. And today, fast deployment is a must. Design accelerators, collaboration platforms, and content production factories are three ways to make the most of templates and processes to expedite creative development and project management.
  3. Modernize the MLR process. Creating templates and guidelines, working in a collaboration platform, and training (brands, agency partners, and MLR teams) can make it possible to enable modular, dynamic content and increased volume.
  4. Become ambidextrous. Balance your ability to continue delivering on current business goals with a deliberate push to drive the organization into the future. The best organizations spend roughly 10% of time working toward the future. Plan ahead with scenarios that allow for radical adaptability.

COVID-19 is changing everything, but organizations must do more than remain reactive.

This challenging time can also be a transformative one – to become a nimble voice in the market, to offer richer experiences with increased volume, and to develop more integrated and efficient processes.

Support your business today with focused efforts that immediately show results in resiliency and efficiency – for today, and for the long-term future. Reach out below and let us help you assess how to move forward post-COVID 19.