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Intouch Group and DHC Group set out to create to create the most comprehensive, data-driven, forward-looking paper on the longer-term implications of the COVID-19 pandemic on U.S. pharmaceutical commercial organizations. Interviews with 30 senior-level stakeholders were conducted; surveys were fielded to more than 50 pharmaceutical executives, 112 physicians, and 157 patient influencers; and thought leaders provided extensive input.

Everyone is wondering how COVID-19 is changing pharma sales and marketing, but Intouch did more than just wonder. Together with our partners at DHC group, we surveyed hundreds of physicians, executives, and patient influencers, and we interviewed dozens of stakeholders.

Our whitepaper on the findings is now available, and we’ve summarized the key takeaways here.

  1. Telemedicine is taking off. It’s time to find your brand’s place, in a world where health is remote and interconnected.
  2. Sales rep roles are evolving. The new sales rep will be a concierge in an ecosystem of connected care.
  3. Patients need us now more than ever. Brands are called to help to ease patients’ health and financial burdens through enhanced patient support programs.
  4. Digital transformation is inevitable. COVID-19 is forcing pharma’s hand at getting better at technology – fast.
  5. We must change the way we change. Nimble will win. Slow… will not.
  6. We have an opportunity – a mandate – to reinvent. Innovation is no longer optional anymore. It’s time to re-imagine and come back better than before.
  7. Pharma’s reputation has an opportunity for redemption. We cannot squander this chance.

Don’t spin your wheels with conjecture. Find out what’s really happening, and get detailed recommendations based on up-to-the-minute facts and industry experts.

The whitepaper is called, “The Aftermath: COVID-19 Insights and Recommendations: How the Pandemic Will Forever Change Pharmaceutical Sales & Marketing”. Click here to download it.